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To Clans Of Nature! :D

please read at LEAST the part you want to be. If you’re going into the next rank, like you’re a kit, and you’re going to be an apprentice, please read the apprentice section. So, if you want to be a warrior, please read the warrior section. :meow:

Useful links:


<a href="…"WHATTHEYWILLSEE"></a>





Kittypets, Loners, and Rouges


Dark Forest

Make a Clan

Available cats for roleplay


Apprentice Progress

FlameClan Apprentice progress

SplashClan Apprentice Progress

AirClan Apprentice Progress

StoneClan Apprentice Progress

PineClan Apprentice Progress

FlaconClan Apprentice Progress


Tribe of the Endless Sky








Kittypets, Loners, and Rouges


Dark Forest




In order to roleplay, you must fill this out:

RP Owner:

Leave a comment in the Clan list or just comment in the Homepage! :meow:
If you want to add something, such as a backstory, or a picture, go for it, but you don’t have to do that every time you make a cat to roleplay.

You may chat with your clan, but you cannot roleplay until your cat is added to the clan list.

Cat rules:

Please, NO fur colors like:
Any neon
Eye colors can be any color, as for fur, they must be natural.

Need some help with making a warrior name?


Making a warrior name help

Kits, Apprentices, Warriors, and Elders, etc.

Until an apprentice, kits must stay in their clan’s camp and/or nursery.
You must submit at least two pictures/stories of your kits life.
Also, your kits mother/father must message the leader of the clan to verify that he/she is going to be an apprentice.
If someone wants to roleplay your kit, please link a picture to their description, so the person who wants to roleplay the kit knows what he/she looks like.
if a kit gets hurt in the eyes, legs, or tail, please just message me, or the clan leader. That kit must be treated more carefully, and more cautiously. Also, must be watched by the either the nursery queens, or that kit’s mother or father.

Until six moons, Apprentices must train regularly every day with their mentors.
If your apprentice wants to be a medicine cat apprentice, message the clan leader!
Also, Medicine cat apprentices may NOT have feelings for another cat.
For an apprentice to become a warrior, you must submit at least three or four pictures/stories of your apprentices training. Half of those pictures should have the apprentice’s mentor in it. Your mentor should message the clan leader to verify that he/she is becoming a warrior.
like kits, if one of the apprentices gets hurt in the eyes, legs, or tail, please treat that apprentice more carefully and watched by its mentor or other warriors.

Warriors must patrol, hunt, eat, and drink daily. And if so, train their apprentices.
If a warrior wants and/or must become an elder, please tell me, or the leader of your clan.
A warrior cannot become an elder until he/she is either wounded in the eyes, legs, or tail.

Elders must be treated with great respect, and apprentices must search for fleas and ticks when they are punished.
if you’re elder or an elder is ready to join StarClan, please message me, or the clan leader.

How many cats you may have:
You may have as many as you want, but don’t let it go out of hand. Your cats may leave for a while, such as go missing or go on a mission/adventure, but if that cat does not return with the mission/adventure patrol/group, or does not return within a month, your cat will be deleted.
If you have let’s say… Three or more cats and one or more has a large litter; please tell me or your clan leader to add to your clan list/kits/apprentices list.

Your cat must be a warrior to have a mate, but can be an apprentice to have a crush or has feelings for another cat. However, the apprentice(s) must be almost a warrior to have feelings like this.
Medicine cats are NOT allowed to have mates, and if they do and the clan finds out, he/she will become a warrior, and his/her apprentice will take over. If a medicine cat apprentice has feelings for another warrior/apprentice, he/she will become a regular warrior/apprentice, and a new medicine cat apprentice will be chosen.

Nursing queens that have/or going to have kits will be confined to the nursery, until she has her kits or her kits are apprenticed.
If she has a large litter, Someone may roleplay that kit, but MUSTdraw a picture of that kit and leave a comment in the kit list, or we won’t find it. You can also upload the picture in your clan’s gallery.

Gatherings are held once a month at the Sky Oaks. Kits are not allowed until they are apprenticed, and nursing queens, apprentices in trouble, or injured warriors will stay at camp until they deliver, are well, or are relived from their punishment.

The next gathering will be:
November 16, 2011

If your kit/apprentice/warrior/elder dies, he/she will go to StarClan. Please message your clan leader to verify that you are going to StarClan.
Also, You must either draw a picture or write a story about your cat’s death. If your cat was bad/evil, he/she will go to Dark Forest, and still, please either note me or write a story about your cat's death.

Leaders and Deputies
For a Warrior to become deputy, That warrior must show OUTSTANDING performance to his/her clan. Such as:

Always wants to either lead/be in a patrol
Has trained at least one or more apprentice(s)
Does not back down from a fight
Always helps his/her clanmates

You CAN become the deputy if you want to, but ONLY when the clan is either rebuilt, or it’s new. However, if the clan is either not new, or already has a deputy, you may not have that rank until you show outstanding performance to the clan, and the leader needs to appoint a new deputy.
you may only have one large position (such as leader, deputy, and medicine cat) per clan. you may not be deputy and leader of more than two clans.
you may be deputy for one clan, and leader for another, maybe medicine for another clan, but you have to be able to do it.
The Deputy’s apprentice is training to become a deputy.

Deputies may become leader if they were deputy beforehand or they wished to become leader either when the Clan was rebuilt, or new.
Leaders MUST have apprenticed one or more apprentice(s)
Leaders have, of course, nine lives, so use them wisely.
The Leader’s apprentice is training to become a Leader.
you may only have one large position (such as leader, deputy, and medicine cat) per clan. you may not be deputy, and leader of more than two clans.
you may be deputy for one clan, and leader for another, maybe medicine for another clan, but you have to be able to do it.

Kittypets, Rouges, And Loners:
Kittypets: If you wish to be a kittypet, please put ‘Kittypet’ in rank. Ex:

Name: Jake
Clan: No Clan
Rank: Kittypet

Your kittypet may come into the clan chat, but you must have a good reason for it. If you wish to join a clan, please message me and refill the description of your cat. You may keep your regular name, but the clan will choose a warrior name for you, and you approve the choice.

Rouges and Loners: If you wish to be a rouge, please put ‘Rouge’ in rank. Ex:

Name: Leaf
Clan: No Clan
Rank: Rouge

Please do the same if you want to be a loner. Rouges and Loners may come into a clan chat, but please have a good explanation for it.

Making a Clan:

if you wish to make a clan, please message me or any of the contributors or co-founders, and comment on the 'make a clan' list. You are only allowed to make two clans, and if you wish to either lead the clan or become deputy of that clan, please comment on the new clan list.
please fill this out and comment with this on the clan list:

Clan name:
what does this clan eat?:
What is this clan's territory like?:



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Okay guys, I don't think we're taking this group seriously enough. If you don't want to participate, then leave the group. Inactivity is making this group old. If nobody goes on here any more, then it's almost as if the group doesn't exist. I think we should all make a big effort to do our work and get ref sheets in- I will make them soon. Everyone, just because we don't have constant activity checks here doesn't mean that we should slack off and be inactive. I'm really concerned that if nobody is active in this group, it will shut down. I know that this group will be fun if we start to be more active. Why do you join other groups? Because they are active, of course. You probably think that those groups are better then this one. But, if we all work together, I believe we can make this group just as fun as other ones, so please try to participate.

Thank you,
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HI! WELCOME TO ClansOfNature!

It's Friday11, and im founder :below: and here we can RP warrior cats! Read the Welcome for more useful links and more!


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:bulletblue: - Good
:bulletyellow: - Unaware
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-Tribe of the Endless Sky-








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Name: longpaw (longstride)
Clan: Splashclan
Rank: Apprentice
Gender: Tom
Appearance: Tall tom with sleek grey fur and black tabby markings, very long legs, is small in muscle and isn't very broad. Light pale eyes.
Mate: none
Kin: none
Kits: none
RP Owner: Fallenrain21
screms Jan 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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k guys srsly we need to restart the group
cloudkit25 Oct 20, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
cloudkit25 Oct 20, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
tallstar12 Aug 1, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Name: Featherwing
Clan: Flameclan
Rank: Warrior
Gender: female
Appearance: light brown she-cat with blue eyes, splashes of darker brown
Mate: crush on Owltalon
Kin: none known
Kits: none so far
RP Owner: tallstar12
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screms Jan 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
She's been accepted.
tallstar12 Jan 16, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
ok, thanks.
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